Traffic Marshall (Banksman) ½ Day Training Course

How can the Traffic Marshall – (Banksman) Course Help me?

Traffic Marshall training is an effective way of improving the overall safety of a working environment where vehicles are required to reverse or perform maneuvers. Vehicle Banksman which is another name for Traffic Marshall are a legal requirement on many Construction sites and a strong recommendation for any site where reversing of vehicles is unavoidable.

Nearly a quarter of all workplace transport injuries occur when vehicles are reversing. Vehicle Banksman offer drivers a trustworthy second perspective while maneuvering to play a key part in reducing accidents.
Our Vehicle Banksman course covers theoretical understanding of the law, dangers of reversing etc. and a practical part of the course involves our instructors demonstrating safe manovouring techniques that delegates will also demonstrate as part of their practical assessment

The successful completion of Traffic Marshall Banksman training awards candidates a certificate and photo ID card as evidence of successfully demonstrating both the theoretical and practical competence of the Traffic Marshall duties and responsibilities as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive Traffic Management and Safety Signal (1996).

New Skills

This half day day course includes course materials, expert tutoring and practical exercises to give learners in-depth training in the following information and treatments:

  • Conducting the Manoeuvre
  • Legal Duties
  • Planning the Manoeuvre
  • PPE Requirements
  • Recognised Signals
  • Regulations
  • Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment of Manoeuvring Task
  • Site Limitation

Additional benefits

  • Incorporate your company’s risk assessments
  • Soft copies of all course paperwork are available to employers on completion of training
  • Successful candidates receive a temporary pass notification   

First Aid Course Tutors

Our course tutors are qualified and experienced health and safety professionals, with extensive experience in Traffic Marshall, First Aid, Health & Safety, Construction and Risk Management.

All our Trainers hold numerous appropriate Health and Safety qualifications such as a NEBOSH General Certificate, and the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety which is the leading Health & Safety Award in the Construction Industry.

Additionally all our Trainers hold teaching qualifications which is a minimum Level 5 which is well above the required industry standard to ensure that we deliver Training of the highest Standard.


Are there any prerequisites for the Course?

No there are no pre-requisites for the course but you will be expected to be able to understand the instructor and communicate to a satisfactory standard in English

What is the course duration?

The course will take half day to complete. They are delivered both in the morning and afternoons.

What’s the different between a Vehicle Banksman and a Traffic Marshal?

Vehicle Banksman and Traffic Marshal are two terms that describe the same thing.

Can I direct Plant Machinery using this training?

Yes, given a suitable risk assessment is conducted in conjunction with a trained and certified plant operator factoring risks such as manoeuvring with a boom or while the Plant Machine is loaded.

If training is completed using a LGV, does this mean the certification is restricted to only Banking LGVs?

Whether candidates complete Vehicle Banksman training using a normal road car, a heavy goods vehicle or plant machinery, the role and responsibilities of the Vehicle Banksman remain the same. Certification is not restricted to banking a particular type of vehicle.

Can I come in and see you face to face as that would give me peace of mind?

Yes absolutely we encourage our customers to have a face to face discussion with us regarding their training course and training needs. This puts your mind at ease so you know you are dealing with real people and a real business that will give you the best service possible It will also give you the opportunity to meet some staff members or even your trainer if they are not delivering training at the time of your visit.

What if I don’t have time to visit and have a face to face meeting before the Training dates?

We understand that everyone does not have time to do this so the next best thing is to have a discussion of whatever questions, queries, or concerns you have with one of our training course administrators.

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